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February 17, 2007

Peanut Butter

So, ConAgra Foods got salmonella (animal based) in a butt load of peanut butter (veggie based). How in the heck did that happen? Did someone get poop in the peanut butter?

Here it is, the salmonella tainted Peter Pan (eaten by Matt), and my guilty pleasure, Skippy Crunchy (without the special ingredient Salmonella). Peter Pan is the bacteria ridden jar. Get that Peter Pan jar out of my pantry!

The 2111 series is the bad stuff that is making people sick. As all good urban legends go, I heard from a friend of a friend, that she has a friend who knows someone with a toddler that has been in the hospital since August for some unknown illness that is causing the toddler to vomit, have diarrhea, and have gut pain. They were feeding the toddler Peter Pan all this time. They think the mystery illness is Salmonella, and none of the doctor's called for a test to look for Salmonella in the toddler's poop. Whatever, is there really a toddler?

So, by the time the recall of Peter Pan happened, Matt ate this much of his tainted jar.

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