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April 7, 2010

Japantown San Francisco

salmon chirashi bowl

We landed late in S.F., and stayed in Japantown at the intersection of Webster and Post. What is close by is a roomy public parking garage with an elevator to my hotel, Japantown mall, Japantown restaurants and businesses. If you go to the Japantown website, there are coupons, maps, and information about the Japantown area. We were hungry, so we just took the courtyard walkway from our hotel to the the Japantown mall to find a restaurant to eat in.


There are many to choose from, and we picked one. I like salmon, so I got a salmon chirashi and an ikura nigiri. It really hit the spot. The bowl of rice was comforting, the salmon was silky smooth, and I like the pop mouth feel of salmon eggs. This was a nice way to start off our west coast whirlwind trip.


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