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March 21, 2012


8711 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA

salmon skin and bonito shaving salad

We landed at 5 pm, got to the hotel at about 6 pm and we walked over to Jinpachi for sushi. Jinpachi does not have a website, so you need to be in the know. Jinpachi has been rated the best sushi in the greater L.A. area by a bunch of friends from the area. I really wanted a light dinner, and definitely no fried food. I wanted fresh and raw because it seems like every time I travel by air, I feel so unhealthy and fresh and raw foods seem to make me feel better. This trip, with a lay over around lunch time, there choices seemed to be poor quality fast food or deep fried food. We got fried chicken and soda for lunch, and it made me feel rather bad. So, when getting to L.A. I just wanted the opposite of fried chicken and nasty fructose corn syrupy. I just wanted to degrease and feel better. What better than some raw fish, fresh veggies and some nice green tea.

nigiri sushi

I started off my meal with a nice cup of green tea and a salmon skin salad topped with bonito shavings. I never had salad topped with bonito before. The bonito was delightful. It was a very nice light and umami addition to this simple salad. We got the tuna, yellowtail, toro, salmon and salmon egg nigiri sushi. I really like that the sushi chef dressed the sushi prior to delivering the sushi to our table. He added just a light brushing of soy sauce on each piece to add the amount of soy I really always want on my sushi, not the big glob I normally get wen I accidentally drop my sushi into a dish of soy sauce. Each piece was smooth and butter and nearly melted in my mouth.

This was a nice way to ease into L.A. We sat back and relaxed while eating our sushi. We felt refreshed after such a nice meal.

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