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March 13, 2012

Table 3


Will Uhlhorn, is Co-Owner and Executive Chef at Table 3. I have been a fan of Will Uhlhorn for years when he was executive chef at F Scotts. As a matter of fact, when the Nashville Scene asked me what my favorite meal in a restaurant in the whole world and time on this earth was, without thinking, I blurted out the lobster ravioli at F Scotts created by Will Uhlhorn. I can vision it. My mouth waters when I think of the flavor, aroma and texture. It was a house made ravioli dish with big chunks of lobster in each ravioli, appropriately covered with a saffron cream sauce, and an added big pile of lobster meat, carefully removed from the shell, in the center of the white square plate. It has been years since F Scotts has made this dish because they usually don't repeat. I still think about this dish and would love to have it again. Hint Hint Will, Lobster Ravioli! I also love that Will Uhlhorn taught me how to make butter from farm fresh cream. So, after Table 3 reopened after the fire, it was high on my list to eat food created by one of my favorite chefs, Will Uhlhorn.


The gig at Table 3 is to use many local and local organic ingredients and cook in a French country tradition. The food preparation seems like it was inspired by Burgundy farmland and European cooking. There are cheese plates, charcuterie, frisee, lardon, and stews that are very much of a French farm tradition. The plates are not quite like those we had in Burgundy and Champagne, rather there is some adaptation for the USA and TN expectation of dinner.

A staple on the charcuterie menu is pate de campagne, country pate. One lunch time I was there, I had the charcuterie plate for lunch. the country pate was made from local free ranged lamb. I have never had lamb pate before, and it was just so rich and flavorful, that I hope to have it again. All the charcuterie when I was there is made in house. There is no bad food distributor sausage here!

meat stew

One of my favorite meals that I had in Lemont France was a simple salad made with smoked gizzards, baby lettuce greens and farm egg. I have never had a salad come close to the Lemont salad, but Table 3 does a really good facsimile to the Lemont Salad. This frisee salad with Benton's bacon and farm egg is good. I love the poached egg with oozy yolk adding to a richness to the salad greens. Since my egg skills are lacking, I am unable to make a salad like this at home. Eh, why should I make it at home when I can get a really nice salad at Table 3. I got the daily special Scallops. The preparation was nicely seared scallops on top of sweet squash risotto with a nice lemon oil sauce. The lemon oil sauce has a really awesome quick of bright acid and truly added to the enjoyment of the scallops. As they always say on Top Chef, the seafood dish would have been better with some acid. Well, Will Uhlhorn obviously knows that, and I just loved the acid with the scallop.

OK, so yeah, Table 3 is in a tough location at the mall. There are a lot of people like me who dislike the mall traffic, and actively avoid mall traffic. Table 3 is good enough for me to fight those Green Hills SUVs in the mall parking lot driveway while driving my 12 year old dented little 4-cylinder car.

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At 3/18/12, 2:43 PM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I am in that area at least once a week but I usually try to avoid the mall traffic as well but this looks like it would be worth checking out for sure!


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