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November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Part 4

Thanksgiving, the food saga continues. Friday, the day after Thanksgiving usually means that there is a lot of creativity in turkey dishes. Turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey burritoes, turkey stew, and turkey straight up and repeat of the Thanksgiving dinner. We were so lucky to be invited to repeat Thanksgiving, and we jumped on the opportunity to get more turkey.

What happened earlier during the day on Friday was a trip to the gym to work off some of Thurday's 4 Thanksgiving plates.
I put on my #2 pair of running shoes to workout in them on even number days of the calendar. Note, my #1 pair of running shoes are for the odd numbere days of the calendar. I went on my merry way. After the gym, for a reward, I was going to go back to Joey's House of Pizza. And wouldn't you know it, Joey decided to take some family time and close up shop from Thursday to Sunday, and to re-open on Monday. =( What were were going to do? We had no Thanksgiving leftovers, and we had no excellent pizza? What now? THEN, Thanksgiving #3, D&L, called us and saved us from some some bad portion of a meal I froze over 6 months ago. Yes, D&L invited us over for Thanksgiving #4 - the leftovers.

We jumped into the car, and found ourselves in Thanksgiving #4 with all the fixings! There was stuffing reheated with lots of crunchy bits, freshly re-steamed green beans and spaghetti squash, a nice big green salad, re-roasted red potatoes with a nice crisp outside, sweet potato mash with a hint of spice, and soft yummy insides, cranberry sauce, apple sauce and lots of gravy.

There were also petit pain from Provence. Don't they look great? Give me a stick of butter, an a petit pain, and I am in heaven! Well, usually. This time, since I had piled my plate high with all other goodies, I had no room for a dinner bread roll.

Here is my lovely Thanksgiving plate #5 at Thanksgiving dinner #4. It sure beats my Thanksgiving meal #1 of a banana and rice crispy treat from the Nashshille airport.

Here is the best part of being invited to Thanksgiving at someone elses house: We don't have leftovers at OUR house, there is no cleanup after everyone, and we don't have to eat turkey everyday for a week. BUT, we get to enjoy the company of good friends, get just enough Thanksgiving food to smile and feel full, and we don't have to eat turkey for the rest of the month. =) All in all, we had a very good Thanksgiving food adventure this year, and we are ready for the next year.


At 11/28/06, 12:04 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Oh my... that was really quite a number of Thanksgiving meals. I have to control myself not to overeat, but still I did. :p

At 11/28/06, 10:18 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

fish fish, I saw your Tgiving meal, it was AWESOME! Yes, your Tgiving meal was worth over eating!


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