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November 30, 2006

Provence - Oui Oui!

Nashville has one of the best locally made, independently owned bread companies! How did Nashville got so lucky to have such a great bread maker from San Francisco to come here and set up shop? I mean, there is the whole lore of San Francisco sour dough bread thing, and there are some fantastic bakeries in the Bay Area, and some one would leave all that and come to Nashville? Thank you Terry for doing so! The original Provence location has the best bread, soup, salads, and cheeses in town. There are other satellite locations with very good lunch items that cater to the clients of the area, but the original location has it all! This is the only shop in town that carries Mimolette, a very hard orange cheese that has the texture and lasting power of a good parmigiano cheese, has a nice nutty flavor, and is aged for one year. If I buy Mimolette, I either have to get it from Provence, or mail order it from

Anyway, when my cousin came sliding into town for 18 hours, she was needing a quick snack as she arrived, so I high-tailed it out to Provence for a little help. For about $10, I got a huge plater of 3 cheeses, salad greens, fresh roasted mixed nuts, and fresh fruit. I added a slice of brie to the presentation. I also got a loaf of an artisan round Italian farmer's bread to accompany. I also added a little dish of extra virgin rosemary-garlic olive oil made from organic Central Valley (that would be California) olives for dipping the bread. This olive oil is so flavorful from the olives and herbs, that we only needed a very little to eat with our snack.



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