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March 3, 2007

Fall Creek Falls

I went to Fall Creek Falls during the coldest day of the winter. It still isn't that cold in the south, as you can see by the Fall Creek Falls' lake. This is the view outside of my lodge window. Nice huh? There is a fairly flat 3.5 mile and nearly flat trail that goes along the lake shore, and leads to the falls. There were nobody there cuz it was so cold, and some of the trails were icy. It was a nice get away with the peacefulness out there this winter. I heard that Fall Creek Falls is different in spring through early autumn, when people are visiting, and I heard that the Fall Creek Falls' lodge is completely booked through the end of the year already. I am sure the summertime at Fall Creek Falls is like going to Walden Pond, the former home existentialism. Walden Pond now is crowded, polluted, littered, and a far cry from an existential experience.

The view of Fall Creek Falls Lake from my lodge deck

I was so lucky to be able to experience Fall Creek Falls in winter when only a scant number of people are there. The quiet, the peace, and the nature was awesome to take in while nearly in solitude. It was a moment that I was able to stop and appreciate it all. If all moments could be like this one.

This is the video of Fall Creek Falls

This is the still photo of Fall Creek Falls

Here we are, at the the rim of the falls. Did you know that Fall Creek Falls is the highest water fall in the USA east of the Rocky Mountains? Now you know. Fall Creek Falls drop is 256 feet. That is a lot of feet! Oh, you question if Niagra Falls is taller, or that Niagra Falls is in Canada, so I must not be counting it? Well, I learned that Niagra Falls drop is only 170 feet. That is an 86 foot difference. I know, you would think that Niagra Falls would be higher, but I think people think that because of the wideness of Niagra Falls and the sheer volume of water moving over Niagara Falls. So, if you ever get the question about the waterfall with the greatest water drop distance in the Eastern USA, you now know the answer.

The plaque with the facts about Fall Creek Falls

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