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April 8, 2010

An Oyster Party

An Oyster Party
Mid-Tennessee Farm


I was so lucky enough to be invited to my friends' family's annual Oyster Party. The party was held at the old family farm and farmhouse. What a lovely home. It was a lovely afternoon, the breeze was light, the sun was shining, and the food was plenty. It was a surprise to me who came, and who they know and like well enough to invite to this shindig. I saw some of my local organic farmer friends, I saw some community garden caretakers, and I saw some other Nashville working stiffs, like myself, who I know too. There were probably 100+ others I have not met before, or I have and forgotten who they are.

red beans and rice

As I walked around the room and talked to people whom I do not know, there seemed to be a common thread for all I talked to: sustainable food. Everyone seemed to be hip to what a CSA is, most of them grow a portion of their own food, and most are looking forward for a local farmers market to open. It was really refreshing to be around people who are more connected to where their food comes from, and how food happens upon their table.

vegan chocolate cookies

The oyster party was such a lovely event on a pretty day with lots of nice conversations about food, good food, where to find good food, and how to make good food.


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