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April 13, 2012



Cultivate Wines is a new brand of wine, and a new way of doing wine business. Cultivate Wines gives 10% of their sales to education and basic human needs. That sounds great, and what is even better is that you, the consumer get to decide where those dollars go. Now that is a way to cultivate kindness, generosity and community. Cultivate Wines doesn't stop with their generosity there, Cultivate Wines is extending their generosity to you (and me!). Cultivate Wines is offering you, me, us 10% off every purchase made through the website All you need is the code LANNAE10.

Cultivate Wines invited me and bunch of my food blogging buddies to a wine tasting. What an experience! There are 4 bottled wines Cultivate Wines offers, there is the Dream Walker - a California Chardonnay, Double Blind - an Italian Pinot Grigio, The Gambler - an Argentina Malbec, and The Feast - a California Cab/Merlot blend. After taste testing all the bottled wines, The Feast is my favorite! The Feast is truly a feast for the all the senses. The Feast is a dark ruby red wine, the aroma is fruity and spicy, there is a substantial mouth feel, and the overall flavor is the signature BIG California wine that can stand up to a lot of different foods big and bold foods.

To celebrate The Feast, I took the The Feast to my friends' place for a potluck cookout, which turned out to be a world feast. We had Thai peanut sauce marinated beef kebobs, spicy grill shrimp soft tacos, and spicy home grown tomato sauce over shell pasta. Each dish was spice inspired by different parts of the world, Thailand, Italy and Mexico. We needed a wine to stand up to a variety of world inspired foods, an The Feast delivered. What an experience, we traveled the world in food and wine, yet we were able to do it right here in the 'burbs of Nashville.


At 4/15/12, 9:00 AM, Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh this wine sounds amazing. I really didn't know much about wine at all until we moved to California.I really learned a lot while we were living there.Sounds like you all had an awesome feast and that the wine went with everything so well!

At 4/15/12, 9:21 AM, Blogger Lannae said...

The Feast of Cultivate Wines is really a full bodied and bold California wine. Because it is such a big wine, it is good for some of the more flavorful and bold food like Thai and Mexican foods. Sometimes it is hard to match wines to Thai food because Thai food can be so complex and spicy, so the wine needs to be big and bold too, like the Feast.

We love our friends who had us over for the potluck. We hope to do more of that this year, and who knows, possibly The Feast will be on the table every time!

At 4/16/12, 11:06 AM, Anonymous Lesley said...

The Feast *definitely* needs to be paired with food. I didn't care for it until I had a bite with it. It really opened up after that.


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