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April 13, 2010

Spring Farm Tour

I am getting so excited for my Bells Bend CSA to start. I went out to the farm this past weekend, and had a ball. They had invited the neighbors and other CSA share holders to the farm to check it out. It is the quintessential farm everyone has in their mind when they think of a farm. There is a nice small babbling creek going through the farm, there are about 6 free range cows in the meadow, there are nice old barns up the hill with bright red roofs, there are nice big cow manure and soil compost piles aging and getting ready for food plots, and there are nice neat rows of food plants (hand planted one by one with heirloom seed) stretching towards the sky and getting ready to be on my plate. I feel so much more connected with my food. I was able to touch and smell the earth cradling the roots of the plants I will eat. I felt the soil covering my toes as I walked around the farm with my sandalled feet. I tasted food made from early harvest from the farm, and I was eating and drinking it up because it all tasted so good. I cannot wait to eat my CSA local food! I then went over to my friends' home and they raise chickens. My friend went out to the chicken coop and grabbed the eggs for the day, and I was able to get photos of their eggs right as the sun light hit them to make them glisten. I am just giddy and I am already in love with the food that will be coming to my kitchen any day now. It is a feeling like I am waiting for Bells Bend Farms to give birth to all these wonderful fresh veggies, and it is like anticipating a CSA baby!

eggs laid that day

another photo of eggs laid that day

flowers on the CSA farm

cilantro, lettuce and parsley - future part of my CSA portion

onion - future part of my CSA portion

garlic - future part of my CSA portion

salad picked straight from the garden



At 4/14/10, 1:41 PM, Anonymous ModFruGal said...

I hear ya...can't wait for my first Avalon Acres delivery!!!

At 4/17/10, 12:04 PM, Blogger Lannae said...

Mod - Yay! Farm fresh food, Yay!


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